Why your business needs a website


In today’s world, having a website for your business, brand or organization is not something to argue about, except of course, you are not interested in expanding your business or advancing your organization.

Every serious business or brand today runs a website. So, if you are yet to get a website for your business, you are lagging behind. In this article, we have explained some reasons why your business needs a website and also how to build your website.

Why your business needs a website

Before we proceed, we found out that most brand or business owners do not think of opening a website because they think running one is so complex, but the good news is that today there are very easy-to-use softwares and good web developers out there that can help to develop something simple that can be run by people who do not even have the slightest idea of web development or design. All you need to do is to find a good web developer to design using simple tools for you and the rest will be history.

7 reasons your business needs a website

1. It increases your visibility

You may have been limited to that your geographical location for a long time, having a website can help you conquer that limit. Your website makes your brand visible to many more people, it also displays your products, services and more details. People no longer need to come to your shop before they can see what you sell or the services you offer.

2. It helps people find your services and products easily

This is useful in getting customers to return and also for acquiring new customers. People can easily search the name of your products on google and your website will appear. For example, if you perform a google search on “colgate” – a brand of toothpaste, the first website on google search page is the Colgate’s official website.

Your organization might not start showing up on google immediately you open the website, but if you have a good SEM (Search Engine Manager). It could start showing in a couple of weeks but the real visibility will come into action between three to six months. Don’t you think this is something worth investing on?

3. You can sell your services or products online

If you sell books, compact disks or video disks, why don’t you convert them to the digital versions? This will boost your sales tremendously, especially if you are selling a product a lot of people are in need of. And if your goods are the physical ones, your website can also give you the avenue to get your customers to pay and you deliver it to them at their locations.

4. It boosts your customers confidence in you

Don’t you feel more comfortable purchasing things from corporate websites? Buying things from websites makes you feel more confidence in the transaction compared to buying from someone on social networks. Your customers and prospective customers will feel the same way when you have a website.

5. It helps you get your customers contacts

Having a website can help you secure the contacts of your customers such as email address and names and even phone numbers. This can be done through sign up or subscription forms. It will enable you to reach them again when you want to.

6. You can keep your customers engaged

There’s something called content marketing, and it can be done on your website. Content marketing is a method of keeping your customers and even prospective customers entertained, informed and delighted, with an aim of engaging them, sharing with them your ideas and even selling your products. You can do this by yourself and then employ a good content marketer as you grow. The contents you give out can be in form of articles, videos, pictures or audios.

7. It helps you announce new offers and goods

Your website will help you get your customers details which would be useful when you need to announce something new. You could have new stocks, new products or even an event. You can reach out to them through email newsletters or text messages depending on the details you got from them.

Also, when you get your customer to keep visiting your website, they easily find out here things about you and your brand.


That’s seven reasons why your business needs a website.

Now, getting a website is not difficult. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Choose a domain name (i.e yourbrandname.com or .org) and register it.
  2. Purchase hosting from a good hosting service. There are several hosting platforms (GoDaddy, Namecheap, Whogohost, Webhost etc.)
  3. Choose a good software to build your website (A lot of organizations and businesses makes use of WordPress)
  4. Design your website
  5. Start publishing your content.

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There are so many opportunities for you to expand your brand, keep yourself informed always and keep growing. We wish you well — YWCS

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