Written by Oluwatosin Oyinloye

Almost all business industries have experienced a huge fall in sales and revenue during this lockdown period. Many sectors except for those providing essential services have totally stopped activities. This has affected a lot of small and growing businesses and investors have experienced setbacks.

However, it’s not time to wallow in regret for your investment choices or become sad for the loss of revenue. There are steps you can take to keep your business alive during this period. We shared some tips in a previous post on how to keep your business alive. This article has been written to show you marketing ideas to boost your business even in the lockdown.

7 Marketing Ideas For Your Business During Coronavirus Lockdown


1. Don’t Panic

We understand that times could be hard at the moment but you can’t choose to start panicking. It won’t help you or your business in any way. You need to fix your eyes on the amazing possibilities for your business after the lockdown ends.

Business activities in China are already returning to normal and this gives hope that the lockdown would come to an end soon in other countries. So, relax, don’t panic.

We are not saying you should underestimate the effects of the pandemic. What we’re saying is don’t make decisions or take actions out of panic. You may get to regret those actions later. Now, keep reading to learn more marketing ideas for your business during the lockdown.

2. Remain Connected With Clients And Customers

The activity on social media has increased due to the fact that people are at home. Make use of this opportunity to engage your customers and clients. Keep sharing useful tips and engaging content on your website and your social media pages.

Stay updated about the lockdown and provide helpful resources for your customers. You can also go live on Facebook on Instagram and keep them engaged. Listen as they tell you how they have been coping during these times and empathize with them.

3. Improve Your Online Presence

This lockdown should have taught you that taking your business online can help you break some barriers. Take time to grow your online presence now. Create your own website where you can display and sell your goods and services and accept payments and also work out a delivery system.

Having a website for your business helps to improve customer’s confidence in your brand and creates an opportunity for you to break geographical barriers. Read this article on the benefits of having your website or contact us now on WhatsApp to get more information on how to start your website at an affordable rate.

4. Improve Your Website SEO

This is not for you if you do not own a website yet. For businesses who own websites, this is the time to improve your search engine performance. Having a good performance on search engines can boost your sales by more than 100%. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website appear well on google search.

However, it does not happen overnight and it could take a long time to achieve. But this lockdown period gives you the opportunity to make the plans and start the process. Contact us if you need help in creating a content strategy or boosting your search engine performance.

5. Carry Out Advertisement

Now that more people are at home is the time to let them see your advertisement. This depends a lot on your industry though. It will work perfectly fine for people in the business of delivering food products and essential services. It can also work well for people involved in online courses and digital products.

Analyze your business and identify the possibilities. Create that attractive advert that will make people rush your service at this particular period.

6. Adapt Your Services To The Situation

Make sure your service or product is perfect for this point in time. A transport agency, for example, should not be advertising offers for people to travel around the world at this particular time. If you own a transport firm, you can decide to use your buses to deliver food items and essential products to different places at this time.

Ensure people can relate with your offers in these current times. If you own a website or social media page, you should also readjust your existing and new content to fit with this special period. If you need help in developing written content for your website or social media page, you can contact us now.

7. Plan To Return Strong

Being stuck at home does not mean you can’t plan for things. Have a plan to execute immediately the crisis ends. This should include launching your business website if you don’t have one yet.

Identify all that needs to be adjusted in your business and start making the plans to start bigger. Don’t let the end of the crisis meet you unprepared.


Overall, put your customers first in your decisions. Only take steps that will favor them and also profit you. Make sure your customers are always satisfied and happy with you.

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