How To Grow Your Business While You Stay At Home

In many nations in the world, governments have asked the citizens to work from home. Movement is being restricted and totally banned in some areas. This is because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of this, many business owners and companies are losing income.

While we must first realize that staying safe is more important than any business we want to grow, we can also take advantage of available means to grow our businesses instead of staying idle while at home.


Though we may not be able to curb the effects of this pandemic on businesses totally, there are still things we can do to avoid total stagnation. There are some things to do this season which could even cause major breakthroughs for some businesses. Please read the tips we would share with you carefully and make up your mind to apply them.

Before we proceed to the tips, let’s deal with things you need to consider as a businessman during this period.

Important Requirements For Businessmen During The Coronavirus Pandemic


  • Sensitivity

While promoting your business, you have to be sensitive about the plight of the world. Remember that a lot of people are only concerned about having basic needs this time. Most people just want to stay safe and escape the virus. Therefore, put this into consideration.

If your normal way of carrying out your business would not ensure people’s safety, stop that method at this time. Don’t ask people to come for unnecessary meetings at this time. Also, show your customers and clients that you care about them and you’re concerned about their safety.


  • Information

It is necessary to keep yourself informed. Know what steps your government is taking and how it affects you and your customers. Try to be the first to relay useful safety tips to your customers. It shows them you care.

This does not mean rebroadcasting wrong messages and fake news. Please, confirm whatever message you spread. Spreading the wrong message to your customers may make them lose trust or respect for your brand. Always validate your information.


  • Don’t Forget Ongoing Deals

You may have started a deal with a customer before the outbreak of the disease disrupted it. Don’t keep quiet. Be the first to reach out to your clients about the deal. Make them understand the reasons you can’t continue or why you have to pause at the moment. Also, explain how you intend to continue after everything returns to normal.

Remember, be the first to reach out to them with an explanation. Don’t assume they understand why. Don’t let them give queries before you respond, be proactive.

How To Grow Your Business While You Stay At Home

In the section above, we explained the requirements to keep your business alive. It is important because you can only grow the business when it is still alive. Now, we will share with you tips on how to grow your business while you stay at home.


  • Stay Positive

The first important thing to do is stay positive. Negativity can drench your energy. We know there could be a lot to lose during this time, but don’t let it deter you. Stay positive about growing and it will help you gain energy to take the other steps.


  • Take Some Time To Plan

Yeah! Planning is important. It does not necessarily mean planning to make more money or more sales. No. Sometimes, you can make business growth without making a necessary increase in sales or profit at that particular moment.

For example, an increase in the public’s awareness about your business and products may not lead to an increase in sales immediately but that would be the result eventually. That you don’t see the increase in sales immediately does there wouldn’t be.

So, take out time to plan and see how you can increase awareness about your business. Also, plan how to launch back into business once this pandemic is over. Don’t be caught by surprise, plan for it. Some of the other steps below will be required in your plan, keep reading.


  • Analyze Your Competitors

There’s so much to learn when you analyze your competitor’s strategies. Being at home this period gives you the time to do so. This does not mean copying what your competitors are doing but who says your competitors are not also copying strategies from other industries.

Analyze what your competitors are doing and what makes them excel in some areas. Make a detailed analysis of their ad campaigns, customer relations, and service delivery. After this, you can come up with your own strategies.

Make sure you choose who your competitor is wisely. Don’t just pick a business similar to yours that only has failed strategies. Go for businesses doing well and those who are far ahead in the industry.


  • Bring Your Business Online

It’s amazing in today’s world to find out that a lot of business owners haven’t brought their businesses online. This is the time to do so if you are not online yet. Open a page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media networks. This is one thing your competitors may have as an advantage.

If you are on these social media networks already, it is time to think about making your business to expand more. Think of getting a website for your business. This is the right time to do so. You can get an amazing website where your customers can find you, make inquiries and also make orders for your products. Your customers can also pay for your services and products through your website.

Here at YWCS, we do not only help you design your website but set up an easy system for you to use it. We can also install a good payment system for you and guide you through making deliveries of your products. You can click here to contact us and get your website started.


  • Give Special Offers & Discounts

This is especially for people selling essential commodities, but can be useful for everyone. By making little reductions on the prices of your goods this period, you will be reducing the burden on your customers. Communicate through your online platforms and let them know you’re doing so because you care for them. Also, set up delivery services to take the goods to them.

Don’t be like other businessmen and women who are increasing prices in a bid to make more money. That will make clients lose trust in you. Helping your customers with discounts will not only make them patronize you, but they will also refer you to other people and remember your business after the period.


  • Measure Your Growth & Plan To Retain Customers.

After all said and done, you have to keep track of everything you’re doing. Keep records of every step you take and investments you make. Also, keep a good database of your new clients and customers. Keep reaching out to them during this period and after it all ends.

Make sure you are not throwing your products and services to them all the time. Be friends with them and let them trust you.



In summary, we all can survive the effects of this pandemic. Let’s keep a positive mindset and not be distracted from our dreams. No matter what the effects of the losses are, we can still make some success in 2020.

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